Coronavirus in Romania. April updates

Landscape during coronavirus

A few weeks ago we were at the beginning of a new season, getting ready to see the bear mating season in the Carpathian Mountains. The events in China were a nightmare, but far away from Europe. However, we were following the new coronavirus outbreak with worry.
Now, as you probably know, the coronavirus in Romania, as in the rest of the world, affected almost everyone, more or less. Flights were cancelled, bookings were cancelled, people lost their jobs. But we are still here to help you.

A while ago, the Romanian government declared a state of emergency and therefore, a nationwide travel ban was issued. Because of this, we find ourselves unable to operate any kind of tours until April 30th 2020 or until further notice.

Landscape during coronavirus

Despite this, we think that the coronavirus spread in Romania is going to stop by the end of the year, so we want to let you know that we opened our booking calendar for 2021. Therefore, if you’re planning your holiday for next year, we are here to assist you.

Moreover, if you decide to book a tour, you can cancel it free of charge until one day before the tour.

We kindly ask our guests to have patience and stay inside their homes. These are difficult times for everyone and we are certain that when this is gone, we will be able to shake hands again and enjoy our lives just as before.

Fortunately, the bears are still in the forests, they don’t get the coronavirus. Moreover, because people are staying indoors, the woods are quieter and we are sure the wild animals are thriving.

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(2) Comments

  1. Maxwell Roy Allen

    Oh no! No trips later in the year, say early October?

    1. robert

      Hi Maxwell,
      Early October is fine for watching bears. Would you like to book a tour with us?

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