Bears in Romania - A big brown bear looking at the camera

Why should you come and see the bears in Romania?

In Europe, there are 14,000 brown bears in 10 fragmented populations.

There are no bears left in UK and the British Isles.

In Spain and France, there are very few. For example, the estimated population of bears in Pyrenees is estimated 39 individuals, as of 2017, after efforts to repopulate with bears from Slovenia. Of course, French farmers protested, as usually.

In Italy there are around 70 marsican bears ( Ursus arctos marsicanus), protected by strong laws.

Northern Europe is home to a large bear population, with an estimated 2,500  in Sweden,  2200 in Finland, about 700 in Estonia and 70 in Norway, totaling nearly 5,000 individuals in the wild.

In central and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria shelters 900–1,200 bears, Slovakia about 600–800 bears, Slovenia at approximately 500–700 animals and Greece holds about 450.
In Ukraine the number of bears is estimated at about 200, in  Poland  at about 170 (in 2009)
The total population of bears in Carpathian mountains is around 8000.

Meantime, Romania has a population of brown bears of 5000 – 6000 individuals, the largest in Europe, after Russia. Of course, in Russia the bears are spread on a much larger area.
So, if there is a place where you have a very good chance to see the brown bears, that is Romania. How we do it?