The bear watching tours are basically what they sound: tours or usually short trips at specially built hides where people can observe the bears from a safe distance, in the wild, in their natural habitat, not in a sanctuary, reservation or enclosed area.

  • The bear watching tours take place late in the afternoon, starting at around 5 PM – 6 PM and they last for about 4 hours. These trips are available from Monday to Sunday from April to October. If you want to go bear watching outside these days, please contact us to see if it’s possible.

  • We drive to a forest and walk to a specially designed bear hide.
  • Wait quietly for the bears to arrive.
  • Usually, the bears arrive just minutes after you get there but on rare occasions the animals might be there already, so please keep quiet and don’t scare them.

  • Take photos and learn interesting facts about the lives of these animals.
  • Sometimes it is possible to see other animals too: wild boars, deer, lynx or even wolves.
  • Get back to the cars and leave the area just before darkness falls.

Important information

  • Bears have a very sensitive smell so please don’t bring any kind of food or snacks. Also, please don’t use perfume or other scents.

  • Dress adequately. Wear sturdy shoes and don’t wear bright colors.
  • During the activity don’t use flash or any other lights, as these might scare the animals. Please turn off your camera’s focus assist light.
  • Bears are dangerous and unpredictable wild animals. Please don’t try to feed them or act like they are pets. In case you encounter one avoid eye contact, don’t try to run or climb into trees and listen to the forest ranger’s advice.

  • Most important of all, respect nature. Don’t throw garbage anywhere and under no circumstance, don’t feed the bears.

Curious how a bear watching tour unfolds?

Watch our doodle below, where every step of out bear watching tours is described. Just to let you know, a 5 hour tour also includes the time spent in the car.


Bear watching tours in Romania