Do bears come out during rain?

June is the rainiest month in Romania, according to weather forecasts. However, this doesn’t affect the bear watching tours in Brasov. Recently, one of the visitors from our site searched for “do bears come out in the rain Romania”.

Bears in the rain

The answer is YES, bears do come out during rain! And we can prove this with a photo taken this Monday, June 3rd, during our visit to the bear hide. At one moment, there were even ten bears in the clearing, even if it was pouring rain.

Brown bears in the clearing

Despite the terrible weather, we saw about sixteen bears in about one hour, so our tourists were very delighted. One of the bears even came close to the hide, which never happened before.

Brown bear near the bear hide

Wonderful show at the bear hide

Yesterday we went with seven of our tourists to the bear hide situated in the forests near Brasov. When we arrived we were surprised that there were no bears in the clearing. However, after about 30 minutes of waiting game, they came, one after the other.

Because it’s the peak of the mating season, we managed to see a lot of bears, I presume around 10-12. Two of them even took advantage of a small poll nearby and went inside the water to spend some quality time bathing. Well, these are bear necessities, right? A few of them played some hide and seek, some just enjoyed their food and at one time, there were six beautiful bears in the clearing, a unique moment we won’t forget and I hope our guests won’t forget it either.

Remember, you have two options for our bear watching tours: the bear hide we recommend would be the one at 80 kilometers away, designed by Mate Bence, one of the most successful wildlife photographers in the world. Here, you get to see the bears from ground level, at 10-15 meters away.

The second option is the bear hide near Brasov, where you see the bears from 30-40 meters away. Also, here, the hide is situated above ground level, so it might not be the best choice if you want to capture some shots.

You also have to know that because Romania has the biggest brown bear population in Europe, it is the best place to come if you want to see these majestic animals. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you can even encounter one on the road, as it happened to us two times so far, in the area of lake St. Anna.

Whichever option you choose, we will try our best to make your journey an unforgettable experience. Just contact us 🙂

Wintertime bear watching near Brasov

For few days we thought that winter has arrived in Brasov. We had a bear watching tour near Brasov on Thursday, and we you can see in the pictures below, there was snow and we can guarantee that it was also pretty cold. However, we were lucky to see few brown bears that passed by our bear hide in the forest.

bear watching in Romania
bear and snow. bear watching in Romania
Brown bear in snow
Brown bear in the snow. Brașov, Romania

However, the weather seems to change now and summer is back. With temperatures up to 26 C in the coming days, is sure that bears near Brașov will not enter hibernation, yet. So we extend our bear watching in November, due to the weather being very favorable this year:

Brasov Weather


Brasov Weather 2018 November



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