When it comes to seeing these furry animals, the best way to do it is by booking a guided tour at some of the best Transylvanian’s hides. Depending on what type of experience you are looking for, we can provide a multiple tour selection.

The first guided tour, Bear watching in the wild, is a 4 hour-long experience designed for a small group of people. The hide is situated at around 30-40 m away and it’s a place where you can usually spot a large amount of bears.
The next ones are Bear watching in the Land of Volcanoes and Day Trip & Bear watching in the Land of Volcanoes, where the hide is designed by the famous photograph Mate Bence, well known for the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year grand title. If you’re interested in wildlife photography this is a good option, as the hide is placed at ground level, very close to the bears. They are equipped with one-way mirror windows, so bears cannot see inside. But you have the best view!
The last ones are 3 day tours at Bunea or Comisu wooden cabins. This is not only a wildlife watching activity but an ecotourism experience where you can enjoy the surrounding landscapes and some of the most interesting animals such as brown bears, lynx, wolves, wild boar, and deer.

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