Bears in December. Can you still see them?

A brown bear feeding in the winter

As the end of the year approached, we were wondering if we could still see bears in December.

We are already in the second half of December and winter seems to avoid Romania so far. Therefore, the weather is perfect for cycling or why not, another bear watching tour?

Yesterday we took Quentin, from France, to the area around the beautiful lake St. Anna, in Covasna county. It proved to be a wonderful evening, as we were the only guests in the bear hide.

After being transported at the safe bear hide located in the wild forests, we stood there, waiting for the wildlife. We enjoyed some really tasty shots of local palinka. And boy we needed it! It was freezing cold inside, much colder than outside, that’s for sure.

After about 3 shots and one and a half hours of waiting, a beautiful brown bear arrived. We almost missed it, as we were so concentrated on our phones. It slowly came in the clearing and began feeding. The squeaking we made inside the hide made the male bear a bit cautious but in the end, everything turned out to be fantastic.

Brown bear December 16th

Quentin was so pleased to see the majestic brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) in the wild, especially because it was his first wildlife encounter, just meters away. The reason why they come so close is the specially built bear hide, which was designed by a professional wildlife photographer named Mate Bence. This hide is built at ground level and is equipped with a mirror window, so bears cannot see you inside, as long as you keep a 20 centimeter distance from the glass.

Thanks to this unusual good weather, we are still operating our bear watching tours in Brasov, so if you’re around, send us an inquiry and we will see what we can do to take you to the bears in December.

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