Bears in the rain. Can we see them?

Best bear hide in Romania

June is the rainiest month in Romania, according to weather forecasts. However, this doesn’t affect the bear watching tours in Brasov. Recently, one of the visitors from our site searched for “do bears come out in the rain Romania”.

Bears in the rain

The answer is: YES they do! And we can prove this with a photo taken this Monday, June 3rd, during our visit to the bear hide. At one moment, there were even ten bears feeding in the clearing, even if it was pouring rain.

Brown bears in the clearing

Despite the terrible weather, we saw about sixteen bears  in about one hour, so our tourists were very delighted. One of the bears even came close to the hide, which never happened before.

Brown bear near the bear hide

For those of you who are interested in wildlife photography, we are sure you already know the advantages of taking photos of bears in the rain. Just as our friend, Kinga Mihaly, who managed to capture this unique and wonderful moment of a bear which was shaking off the excess water. This brings us to the main reason why you should choose us for your wildlife tours in Romania: we are a team of certified guides who are working with the best bear hides that you can currently find in Romania. These hides were designed by Mate Bence, a world famous wildlife photographer. The observatories are situated at ground level and they are equipped with a mirror-windows, so bears cannot see inside and you have the chance of taking shots even from two or three meters away. And the background gives you a nice depth of field which is not possible at other bear hides. Just look at the following photo taken by Kinga Mihaly. She managed to capture a fantastic shot which has pretty much everything: nice moment, beautiful background and a majestic wild animal.

Bears in the rain

Photo: Kinga Mihaly

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