Per scoprire quale tour di osservazione degli orsi scegliere, vorremmo sapere qualcosa in più sulle tue aspettative. Che tipo di cabana d'orso preferiresti? Quanto vicino vuoi vedere gli orsi? Sei interessato alla fotografia naturalistica o vuoi solo vedere questi animali selvatici?

If you want just to see the bears and don’t care about viewing conditions, choose the 5 hour tour near Brasov. This is the most accessible tour, in terms of price and location. It’s close to Brasov and offers you the possibility of seeing bears from 30-40 meters away, from inside a near hide. Sometimes it can be quite crowded inside, as there are only seven seats near the windows. The advantage here is the big number of bears that usually come. But it’s a matter of luck, after all. This activity takes places in the wild, so we never know what will happen.

However, if you’re interested in wildlife photography and want the best viewing experience in Romania, we think you already know which bear watching tour to choose: the bear-viewing experiences in the Land of Volcanoes. Here, we will take you to visit one of the two similar bear hides hidden deep in the forest. These observatories are designed by a world-famous wildlife photographer and they are perfect for photos and videos. Unlike the hides in Brasov, these are placed at ground level, very close to the bears. They are equipped with one-way mirror windows, so bears cannot see inside. But you have the best view! Sometimes, bears came at 2-3 meters in front of our guests. Just imagine that!

If you want a wildlife experience, try the wildlife tracking tour in Putna Vrancea Natural Park. It’s a little bit more demanding but it’s perfect as a one day trip.