Bear mating season has started

If you are wondering what to do around Brasov, many locals would recommend bear watching. It is a relaxing activity, it takes place in nature and you get the chance to see these magnificent animals in their habitat.

That was the case yesterday, when we took five tourists to the bear hide near lake St. Anna. After meeting the ranger and a short hike, we went inside and waited for the bears to arrive. After a few minutes, a shy one came and began feeding.

Bear watching tusnad april 15th 2019

After about 40 minutes, two bears appeared. They avoided each other in the beginning but quickly realized they were mother and cub. They slowly approached and when they finally realized they were relatives, they kissed each other. This was a moment we never witnessed before, so it was new, even for us. Bears have feelings as well, so we should never underestimate them.

Inside the bear hide in Tusnad

In the end, just before we left, a big bear came to the feeding site and we proceeded cautiously back to the cars, ending a very successful bear watching tour.

Bear watching tusnad april 15th

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  1. Anneke

    Is it possible to do a bear watching tour tomorrow afternoon? 2 adults staying in brasov. ?

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