Brown Bear viewing with Finns, near Brasov

At the last day of August 2018 we met a group of Finhish guys and girls while waiting for a cable car in the mountains. We became friends and told them about activities that can be done near Brașov, including viewing the brown bear.

One day later they contacted us and asked if we could organize a bearwatching tour near Brasov, on Sunday. Normally we don’t do this tour on Sunday, as our partners from the National Forests Authority have their day off. However, after talking to our friends the rangers we could happily tell them we can do the tour, so 11 finish people anf their Romanian guide went to spend the afternoon admiring the bears and learning about them.

We could quietly observe about 14 bears, including 2 moms with cubs. One with 3 cubs, and one with one shy cub, climbing in the nearby tree when a larger bear showed. If you want to learn more about the brown bear, click here!

hiking through the forest to the bear hide
Hiking on the way to the bear hide
relaxed bears
Baby bear climbing in the tree
Baby bear climbing in the tree
Carpathian Mountains brown bear
brown bears
Lazy afternoon for some brown bears, relaxing
Lazy afternoon for some bears, relaxing near our bear hide

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